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Thanks for stopping by. I'm CongoBob, and I've travelled the seven continents in search of the sickest fart jokes and gag gifts out there. Believe me, it's a sick world, and there's a lot to compare, but in the end nothing compares to the sound and smell of a rank fart.

The Fart As Humor in HistoryHippo Fart Video

The English word fart is one of the oldest words in the fart dictionary. It's everything from adjective to adverb,and it involves every creature out there, including the five ton hippo!

Le Petomane Fart VideoOne of the first persons to commercially capitalize on farting was the Frenchman Joseph Pujol in the early 20th century, a man simply known as Le Petomane, (captured on "a silent but deadly" Thomas Edison movie in 1902). Joseph Pujol was born in Marseilles, France on June 1, 1857 and by the time he was in his teens he knew had a special talent at "breaking wind", ultimately taking his act to the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris.

Le Petomane was able to compress a wide range of sounds, from tenor, baritone and bass farting sounds, immitating "thunder", cannons, and his finale was a ten second rendering of a dressmaker tearing six feet of silk cloth slowly. He entertained thousands of people including the King of Belgium and Queen Victoria of England.

Methane Man Video

A few years ago an Englishman known as "Mr. Methane" performed on "Britains Got Talent" television show, claiming to have put the "art back in fart".

He failed to impress the judges and didn't get past the first audition, but his video has been viewed by more than 3,400,000 You Tube Viewers, so obviously this flaming flatulist has an audience.

Reverend Gas Bag
"The Farting Preacher" is an evangelical man who appears to find inspiration through flatulation.



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